The dinner table

Sometimes we sit around the dinner table. Bre has cooked a vegan meal, Ruby has made a good dessert. I brought some strawberries. Kitty has just set upĀ  a new table in the living area. It’s right by the window.

Marco comes home from catching them all. Ed is over for dinner, as well. This house is full of history.

Poppy gets home from work. Tim has just spent an hour teaching Ruby the saxophone. There’s a potluck on Sunday, when we’ll all get together again. Andy and Bre will come for the meeting, before going to visit a relative on Father’s day. I am thinking of inviting Maushmi to sleep over, because she lives far away, and getting home at night is hard. Amelie is happy our house will have people in it. She says it will feel warm.

ASEN is a funny little group. All its members have lives outside of the group. All its members are involved in things farther and more wide-ranging than ASEN. ‘What is ASEN?’ One time Bre pointed out the question to me.

The kind of person who decides that their time is well-spent working pro-bono to build, create, care for a community’s well-being and future: that’s the kind of person I want to be friends with.

There are so many of these people all around us. I’m glad they’re there. I’m glad for activists, for writers, scientists, parents, friends, carers, gardeners, performers, film-makers, community organisers, project coordinators, facilitators, givers and giving people. You don’t need to be anyone special to decide to put your talents, energy and time to good use. You don’t need to be well-educated, clever, rich, impressive or popular. When I think that we all come from so many different backgrounds, with diverse life experience, and that we all have something unique to contribute, it makes my heart warm.

Film screening of Heritage Fight

Written by Agnes McKingley


heritage fight

Tonight Cinema Politica organised a film screening of Heritage Fight for Radical Education Week at University of Sydney. Radical Education Week has seen a display of different workshops, skill-sharing events and discussions surrounding a range of subjects which are deeply relevant to the emerging citizens among Syndey Uni’s youth. The workshops are free and open to anyone, not just uni students.

Heritage Fight followed the efforts of a community which would not allow unethical and damaging industrialisation to enter its borders.

I decided to go see Heritage Fight because I am planning on moving to Western Australia next year, and the film takes place in the Kimberley, in Western Australia. I thought it would be a good, if somewhat humble, attempt at beginning to familiarise myself with some of the landscape, stories, geography and things that need doing there.

I started to spend time with members of the Australian Student Environment Network at the end of last year, in the build-up towards the Sydney Climate March, which took place in relevance to the Climate Talks in Paris. I will be sad to leave the Sydney community here, but excited to meet members of Western Australia, see what they are up to, and check out whether they are looking to work in solidarity with elders of the different Western Australia communities.

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