ASEN NSW citizen science roadtrip!

ASEN NSW citizen science roadtrip!



This mid-semester break, ASEN NSW are heading up to Vickery State Forest on Gomeroi country to take part in citizen science efforts and learn from traditional owners and community about the effects of coal mining on livelihoods in the New England area.

It’ll be happening from 24-28 September (Saturday to Wednesday) with ASEN organising carpooling and food in exchange for attendees chipping in to cover costs.

Find out more on the facebook event, at the info night happening at UNSW (Tuesday 6 September 5pm Quad G027) or by emailing nswact[at] . And don’t forget to register at ! All welcome, including non-students.

New USYD Chancellor an Extractive Industry Heavyweight

New USYD Chancellor an Extractive Industry Heavyweight

In February this year, the University of Sydney appointed a new Chancellor, Belinda Hutchinson. This appointment opens the door to the mining industry on our campus and reflects the neoliberal orientation of our education system. Ms Hutchinson is currently a director of one of Australia’s largest companies. AGL makes its money through coal seam gas extraction, a technology that threatens Australia’s productive farmland, fractures our waterways and underground aquifers and pours climate-change-causing methane into the air in large quantities. It is a corruption of a public office for Ms Hutchinson to remain a director of AGL whilst also directing the interests of our supposedly independent University.

Ms Hutchinson is also a former director of the Centre for Independent Studies, a right wing think tank that churns out neoliberal ideas for business interests. With her at the helm we can be assured that our education will be geared to make profit. That means more deals to do research and courses for the mining companies that are undermining our health and our climate. Sydney Uni already carries out research for Rio Tinto, Origin Energy and Exxon Mobil.

Our public institutions should be carrying out research and training in the public interests, not in the interests of big business. That’s why the Student Environment Action Collective is keen to get on board the Australian Student Environment Network campaign to Lock the Campus against coal and gas companies. As students, we have the power to demand that our universities stop supporting the mining industries that are ruining the health of our communities and our planet. We will fight to make our public universities prioritise renewable energy and sustainable communities over corporate profits.

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People's Blockade of the World's Biggest Coal Port

On the 1st April, 2012, hundreds of people will peacefully occupy Newcastle harbour and prevent the passage of coal ships. This will be the seventh action of its kind in Newcastle. In previous years we have successfully stopped all ship movements in the harbour for the entire day.

Organise to come with a group of friends, or send an email to the SEAN e-list ( to network with people travelling similar routes to you. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Newcastle Station.

There’ll be plenty happening on the shore too, so please come along and show your support. Some kayaks will be available to borrow, but please BYO kayak or creative floating vessel if you can! Good food will be available by donation.

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