SEAN finances update

I’ve put together this finance update for SEAN (the NSW student enviro network) to cover the first half of this year. If you have any questions, please email me.

Our opening balance was $4161.08. Our current balance is $4129.64. This means so far we’re down $31.44. We also have some expected income/expenditure which might change this.

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Public Forum: 3376km: a long haul for nuclear waste

Public meeting, photo exhibition and film screening of “Muckaty Voices”

For the last four years, Traditional Owners of Manuwangku (Muckaty) have been speaking out against federal government plans for a radioactive waste dump on their country, 120 km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

In late July a group of senior men and women from Muckaty will travel to Sydney and Wollongong to hold public meetings and meet with trade unions and other supporters.

These meetings will also launch the 2010 Nuclear Freeways project, a joint endeavour of Friends of the Earth Sydney and Melbourne. The project is part of the broader campaign to prevent the federal government imposing a nuclear waste dump on unwilling communities in the Northern Territory. The project is focussed on supporting communities along potential transport routes between the main waste producer – the Lucas Heights nuclear plant in Sydney – and the NT.

Speakers include:
Muckaty Traditional Owners Dianne Stokes and Mark Lane
Fire Brigade Employees’ Union NSW Secretary Jim Casey
Human Rights Lawyer George Newhouse

Sydney Public Forum

Wollongong Public Forum

Report-back from the Dungog Fringe Festival

Rivers SOS is a network of community groups around NSW that fight to protect waterways from the effects of coal mining. People from SEAN have been working with Rivers SOS for some time. Here’s a report back from Ann-Marie about the latest event she went to (along with Holly):

Dungog Film Festival May 29-31
Film festivals are great fun, but this particular one was full of gloss and PR spiel from the Minerals Council about the greatness of the mining industry. Yuk.

So some SEAN folks headed up to Dungog for the weekend to support the Dungog Fringe Festival, a special project from our friends at the Rivers SOS Alliance, who took the opportunity to screen their films about all the damage mining causes to water systems and local communities around NSW.

The stories we heard over the weekend were really eye-opening, for us and for the locals that dropped by to check out what was going on. At the Rivers SOS meeting we heard updates from the alliance’s member groups, like the new BHP Bulli Seam Proposal – the largest ever coal proposal including around 120 longwall panels approved for 30 years. We also heard about the problems associated with the emerging and largely unregulated coal seam gas industry.

Despite these pretty scary projects, there were a few success stories like the recent rejection of the Bickham coal mine in the upper Hunter, the first coal mine ever to be rejected by this NSW government. We took on supporting Rivers SOS’s great work by offering to help out with website support, a newsletter and some fundraising.

If you’d like to help SEAN support community groups like Rivers SOS, email [sean at asen dot org dot au] to find out more!

SEAN picnic

A SEAN picnic to meet up, eat food, play frisbee, and talk about what we’re doing on campus and campaigns we’re running. We’ll be talking about SOS too. Anyone is welcome.

Sunday 6th June
Camperdown Memorial Park, Newtown
11am til we’re full

There will be cake! There will be dips! There will be sporting equipment!

Please circulate this to your enviro collectives and people you think might be interested in coming to SOS.

In case of wet weather, call Ollie (0422 331 213), as we’ll be going to his house instead.

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