Students of Sustainability 2010

Students of Sustainability 2010

Students of Sustainability is a 5 day camping conference for anyone interested in creating a more ecologically and socially sustainable world.

Join us for…

  • Workshops
  • Creative Projects
  • Live Entertainment
  • Field Trips
  • Networking

and much more!

For details and registrations visit or contact Peta (registration) at

ASEN Planning & Skills Camp 2010

ASEN Training Camp 2010

Hey Enviro types

What are you planning to do next year? If you wanna be involved in environmental and social change, in your campus environment collective, state network or on a national level next year, come along to the ASEN Planning & Skills Camp 2010.

What is ASEN Camp?

Each year, ASEN gets together to skill-up, plan and strategise for the year ahead. It’s for new environment officers, conveners of enviro groups/state networks and young people interested in campaigning on climate justice, nuclear free futures, indigenous solidarity, keeping food co-ops strong  and many other things with ASEN in 2010.

If you’ve already been before, come again and share your experiences! We need facilitators and helpers to pull this amazing thing together!

For many its a place to get inspired and energised for the year, share ideas and a whole lot more including;

  • Meeting amazing activist crew from all around this big country
  • Developing essential activist skills on:
    • Basic facilitation + Advanced Facilitation
    • Building + maintaining collectives
    • Fundraising Techniques
    • Exploring your theory of change
  • Learning how ASEN can be an integral & useful part of creating the world we want to live in.

NEW this year – we’ve got some external facilitators from the Change Agency who will be doing workshops on:

  • Framing/Communication & Strategic Questioning
  • Strategising & planning some wicked campaigns for the year, – we’ve definitely got 3 streams happening – Climate Justice, Nuclear Free & ***Food Co-ops*** with the Change Agency helping out on the Climate Justice stream.
  • Sharing your own knowledge & experiences with others

Dates are the 21st til the 25th for ASEN Camp then Invasion/Solidarity Day at the Tent Embassy on the 26th. The cost is $75 for the week, including food, accommodation and ASEN membership.

Register here!

Transporting ourselves to SoS 09

HEY, so the annual fabulous Students of Sustainability conference/extravaganza is up-coming on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne. I hope you’re postering your unis and telling all the folk and registering and coming!
This will hopefully going to help everyone figure out how we‘re getting to and from SoS at Monash Uni this year, individually and in our collectives.
So I’ve collected a bunch of times which could work for getting to Melbourne from various places in NSW.

I am heaps happy to be a coordinator of transport to SoS, but what’d be grand is if people who are planning on getting various trains/buses to volunteer to be contact points for that trip, so that I can direct people to you.

SoS goes from the 6th til the 10th of July. So the idea is arriving there on Sunday the 5th, setting up camp, chilling out. And leaving on the evening of the 10th or the morning of the 11th.

Contents of this post:
1. Transport funding
2. Wollongong to Melbourne
3. Canberra to Melbourne
4. Newcastle to Melbourne
5. Sydney to Melbourne
6. Cycling to SoS
7. Hitch-hiking competition
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north Qld outreach

north Qld outreach, March 09

clare towler


In early March this year, I paid a visit to our dear environment collective friends in the humid, and recently drenched, North Queensland. I headed to Townsville and Cairns in the aftermath of both the Victorian bushfires and North Queensland floods, to find a handful of passionate change-agents. It really is all one needs to feel hopeful.


In a sweaty rush before I left Brissie, I gathered as many enviro/social-justice resources as I could. The impact of sharing leaflets, films, posters and nifty things like GMO-free guides can have a profound effect – connecting people to issues currently made invincible or de-politicised in their own towns or at their universities.


The JCU Townsville enviro collective is finding its feet again, as new activists or budding-activists link in. I met up with Lauren and Tom, who are keen to put energy into getting a handful of Townsville JCU folk to Students of Sustainability this year – hooray! I filled them in on state/national organising, ASEN Training Camp, climate camp, direct action on coal, and activist education. They gave me the scoop on T’ville enviro activist movement and the cultural barriers they face in taking direct action in a fairly conservative city. They acknowledged that national days of direct action grant them greater legitimacy with targets and the media, than isolated efforts which are easily marginalised.


Tom is studying visual media at JCU and has some rad skills to share with the network. He’s nominated to be on the ASEN germinate collective, which pulls together all aspects of ASEN’s annual publication on the latest social movement and student-activist happenings. This is an awesome example of supporting activism through people’s interests and skills.


Sarah, environment officer for JCU Cairns enviro collective, is developing an awesome relationship with the JCU Student Union, and getting some good support in return. They’ve collected a few thousand signatures for a petition to switch the Union refectory to 100% free-range eggs! A campus permaculture garden, and food co-operative are on the horizons. They’re hoping to get a few people to Student of Sustainability this year. It’s a small campus, but there collective is passionate.


I think the most important thing I learnt was the power of face-to-face communication – there’s really no substitute of parity. The movement is about people and the webs of inter-relationships we form and sustain. More so, in the past, QEAN hasn’t been so great at regional outreach – so let’s treat this as the start for a more concerted and sustained effort to support these folk in their activism, and where possible, link them into our networks and plans for revolution. Oops, did I say that? Ha!