The Leftovers – film & fundraiser

Join us on Sunday 6th June for the much anticipated documentary ‘The Leftovers’ is a road trip adventure about people who eat trash. TurnStyle – 10 Laura St, Highgate Hill, Qld from 6:30pm.
Meet Mykal and Paul, two experienced Dumpster Divers as they embark on a journey down the east coast of Australia. Wanting to make a statement about today’s over consuming society they challenged themselves to live of nothing but waste.

Leaving their money behind they power their van with waste veggie oil and eat out of bins along the way. They bring with them three brave apprentices. For the least experienced of the team – will their first adrenalin-pumping dive into dumpster living be remembered as the dawn of a new age; or the holiday from hell?

There will also be brownies and chai for sale as a fundraisers for the Brisbane contingent to get to the Students of Sustainability Conference in Adelaide.

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