• ASEN Training Camp is coming! Want to set up a collective on campus but don't know how? We'll show you! Ever wanted to be a part of a food co-op? We can help out with that! Working on a Fossil Free University campaign and want some cool campaign ideas? We've got you covered! Think non-violent direct action is rad? We can hook you up with those skills! Want to be a super swarve media spokesperson? We've got folk in the know! Register today!

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    Click this image to find out about the national campaign to keep your university, fossil fuel free!~

The Australian Student Environment Network is the network of student environment groups from around Australia committed to building grassroots movements for change. We actively work for environmental and social justice through transformational and empowering collective action on a range of critical ecological and social issues. We recognise that Aboriginal sovereignty was never ceded, and work in solidarity with Aboriginal struggles.





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