ASEN is made up of state networks that organise around broader state issues in solidarity with community groups, and individual campus collectives that campaign on issues specific to the university.

There are lots of ways to get active on environmental justice issues, from joining your local campus collective, to organising a national event or skillshare in your city, to producing great content for our blog or magazine. There’s something for everyone and great opportunities to learn.

What is a Collective?

A collective is a group of people working together towards a common goal, or sharing similar aims or interests. Collectives actively aim to avoid hierarchies of power or information. They are unaffiliated to political parties. They are open and participatory, and every person’s opinion is given equal weight in decision making. Participants are encouraged into equal ownership of the collective.

Collectives allow people to give each other momentum and inspiration, to share experience and knowledge. They are also supportive environments to get active in, so that you can be a force of change and do what you talk and dream of. People who participate can be diverse in how they contribute and experience it.

Finding Your Local Campus Environment Collective

> Check out the State Network pages to find your uni collective:

NSW & ACT  |  SA  |  VIC  |  QLD  |  WA  |   NT  |  TAS

> If your university isn’t in the list, there are lots of ways to find it:

– Send us an email at and we’ll put you in contact with them

– Contact the state network convenor – check the State Network pages for details

– Go down to your university’s SRC or student union, and ask for the enviro officer

– Search on facebook for ‘[your uni] + enviro’

> If it doesn’t look like your uni has an active enviro collective, it’s really easy to start one up or re-form an old one, there are always people on campus who are interested in!

1. Check out our resources of building and maintaining an enviro collective

2. Contact us at and we can put you in touch with other interested people at your uni