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ASEN’s National Office at Eve St Office is closed. Until we open a new office, please mail or email us:

Email:  info[at]

ABN: 31 225 049 246

Our officers are volunteers, so you may have to wait, at times, a couple of days for a response.

National Convenor

Lily Matchett, Ruby Hampton & Anisa Rogers  |    nationalconvenor[at]

ASEN convenors represent ASEN in certain contexts and help support and co-ordinate essential aspects of the network, including fundraising, legals and events. National Convenors change every year according to ASEN’s constitution.

Communications Officers

Jo & Kane |    communications[at]

Finance Officers

Ishtiaq & Zac |    finance[at]

Membership Officers

Spandana Pillarisetty & Darcy    |    membership[at]

Public Officer

Rhyss Wyllie      |   admin[at]

State/Territory Organisers

Contacts for state convenors and organisers are here.

Youth Officer

Toby   |

Germinate Editors

Hannah Barham, Effy, Ellie & Callum     |


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