Over the years, ASEN members have produced a number of one-off zines.We also produce the semi-regular zine ‘Germinate’.  If you have a zine that you have created on environmental justice, social change or activist issues, send them to info@asen.org.au and we’ll add them to our online library. Reproduce freely.

Anti-Opression zine by Grace & Jeanette

Download (PDF, 10.05MB)

Inclusive Activism zine by the ASEN Inclusivity Collective

Download (PDF, 2.1MB)

Red Dawn: Stopping Socialist Entryism into Enviro Collectives by various

Download (PDF, 2.69MB)

Activist Catering Guide by Jeanette

Download (PDF, 89KB)

Intro to Food Coops zine by Ness

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)

Cake Stall zine by Harrison

Download (PDF, 85KB)