The ASEN Wiki

The ASEN wiki has heaps of extra information about ASEN and how we work. Highlights include the hitchhiker’s guide to the Nullarbor and a how to organise phone link up (PLUs) guide!

Indigenous Campaigns

  • Save Lake Cowal – Anti-mining campaign to protect the Sacred heartland of the Wiradjuri Nation
  • Rollback the Intervention – Campaign against the NT Intervention

Climate Change Campaigns

  • StepItUp – Stepping Up the pressure on Politicians
  • Climate Movement – Network of grassroots climate action groups around Australia
  • It’s Getting Hot In Here – International youth climate movement blog
  • Rising Tide – grassroots climate activists in Newcastle, Australia
  • Six Degrees – campaigning against coal – collective of Friends of the Earth Brisbane

Forest Campaigns

Anti-Nuclear Campaigns

Other Campaigns

  • After G20 – solidarity and follow up for the campaign to stop G20 in Melbourne November 2006
  • Sisters on the Planet – women tackling climate change, Oxfam Australia

Activist/radical education

  • The Change Agency – a collective of activist educators and researchers based in Australia, but working internationally

Australian Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

International Student Environment Groups

Environment News on the Web

Other Useful Links