Dear beautiful creative friends,

First of all, we would like to say THANKYOU for your artworks and
offers. The life and vibe of Germinate is created by the artworks that
grace its pages.

If you have any existing artworks you think might be appropriate for
the zine, we would love to see them. Or, if you have any time over the
next couple of weeks, the following is a list of topics we are
expecting to receive articles on that we hope might inspire your
creative minds : (note – artworks don’t need to accompany articles,
but we would love article illustrations if that is up your ally)

Insects as human food
Coal seam gas
On-campus vegie gardens
The Politics of Money
Reflections on SoS Albury
Impacts of carbon trading on farmers in Honduras
Review – Coal Seam Gas protest cd
Coal Seam gas interviews
ANFA convergence
How to become a French environmental activist expatriated in Australia
Footprints for peace – write up of WA Walk against Uranium mining

Other regular spaces that we would love to illustrate are:
Acknowledgement of Country
Introductions to ASEN and Germinate
Editors note
Contents page
News section – Australia
News section – International
Call-out for submissions for the next Germinate (towards the back)
Upcoming events
Thankyou page for contributors and supporters
Call-out for the 2012 Germinate editorial collective – short job
description, offer support if needed

If any of these articles interest you and you want more info, we can
send them to you when they come in.

Although our first deadline was on November 11th, this date is
flexible, and we would happily receive artworks and illustrations
after that date – just let us know what you would like to work on and
how long you think you will need.

If you have any questions please shoot us an email or leave us a
message on the facebook page.

The Germs.