Follow the link below to find a template letter to email or post to Kevin Rudd against the proposed NT waste dumps.

CRWMA Letter to Kevin Rudd

Also find below a link to an online petition against the proposed NT waste dumps.

The petition statement says:

Dear Rudd Government,

In 2005, the Howard government passed the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act 2005. This the law allows the federal government to impose a nuclear waste dump on communities without consultation or consent. It explicitly overrides all Northern Territory law as well as the racial discrimination act.

When the law was passed, Labor MPs called it extreme, arrogant, draconian, sorry, sordid and profoundly shameful. At its 2007 national conference the ALP voted unanimously to repeal the legislation. In late 2008 a senate committee report recommended the repeal of the legislation. Labor has promised to overturn it in the first 6 weeks of parliament (ending on March 16) in 2009.

We the community and students hold labor accountable to its position and want to ensure that a waste dump is not forced on Aboriginal communities.

Anti-waste dump petition

Media Release (2/3/2009)