(ASEN kids’ edit: This calls for national action! Not at all surprised that the ALP hasn’t repealed the CRWMA… epic fail!)

Northern Territory community members and environment groups have expressed extreme concern at the Government’s refusal to follow through with commitments to abandon the controversial radioactive waste dump proposed for the NT.

A motion introduced yesterday to the Senate by the Australian Greens, calling for repeal of the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act (CRWMA), was voted down by the Government.

“It is national ALP platform to repeal this legislation. It was an election commitment to repeal this legislation, yet the Government is blatantly flouting its commitments and ignoring deep community concern over its inaction on this issue”, explained Natalie Wasley, from the Beyond Nuclear Initiative in Alice Springs.

“The vote yesterday shows clear disrespect for the communities targeted for the radioactive dump, who been waiting over a year for the Government to come good on its promise.”

Ms Wasley asked, “How much longer do people have to put their lives on hold while they wait for Minister Ferguson and Prime Minister Rudd to act?”

Mitch, an Arrernte/Luritja woman who has family living near the Harts Range proposed site says “this is not the first time the NT waste dump affected communities and the Greens Party have tried using parliamentary means to ask the government to fulfill its election promise”.

“The government thinks the NT communities, The Greens and the average Australian citizen will be treated as ignorant puppets. But it is well known that uranium dumping and mining is genocide to the sovereign owners of the nation it occurs on. Examples can be seen on the Navajo nation in the USA, the Toureg nation in Niger and elsewhere.”

“The Australian community will not allow this government to increase uranium mining or have a waste dump forced on communities on this continent because it is morally, ethically and scientifically wrong”, Mitch added.

“We upon Prime Minister Rudd to publicly reveal when the CRWMA legislation will be repealed”, concluded Ms Wasley.

Contact: Natalie Wasley 0429 900 774