This morning three student activists were arrested at the Lizards Revenge anti-nuclear festival. Thirty protesters were breakfasting on the road to the Olympic Dam uranium mine in order to blockade trucks entering the mine site.

Six people were arrested in total while eating toast with intent. They have been taken to Roxby Downs  police station and are likely to be held without bail overnight. Many others have driven to town in solidarity to wait for the arrestees’ release.

The blockade was part of a week of peaceful non-violent protest to promote creative alternatives to the nuclear industry. Lizards Revenge is in solidarity with the Arabunna and Kokatha indigenous nations in opposing the expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine on their sacred desert lands. Think Priscilla with a cause.

Asked why he opposed the mine’s expansion, one protester explained:

‘uranium leaves radioactive waste for thousands of years, it’s used in nuclear weapons, and any accidents – like at Fukushima – are really dangerous. We can’t handle that, and we have alternatives like wind and solar’.

The six arrestees hope that their action will inspire all Australians to consider whether the nuclear industry should be allowed to continue.