‘Sustainable community living and peaceful direct action targeting Australia’s largest source of domestic emissions – Bayswater Power Station”

Dec 1st – 5th 2010, Lake Liddell Recreation Area, The Hunter Valley, NSW

The climate science is in, now its time to act.
Climate change is the biggest threat to our future, and coal is the biggest cause of climate change, yet right now across the country there are plans for 12 new coal or gas fired power stations.

If built this ‘dirty dozen’ will increase Australia’s total emissions by 7% and NSW’s emissions by up to 15%. At a time when we must rapidly reduce emissions to avoid dangerous climate change, this is simply unacceptable.

Bayswater power station in the Hunter Valley, NSW, is already the equal largest source of emissions in Australia and is the site of one of the planned power stations. The planned expansion will double Bayswater’s current emissions.

Renewable energy technologies are viable now. By continuing to invest in coal, Australia is losing an important opportunity to become a world leader in clean energy industries like wind and solar thermal, and creating thousands of new jobs in the process.

As a community we need to show the government that we won’t cop more dirty coal when there are better, cleaner alternatives. We want a just transition to renewable energy now – not more broken promises.

Join people from all over Australia for 5 days of workshops and forums on climate change issues and solutions, non-violent direct action and organising, music and entertainment. Climate Camp is fun and family-friendly with a sustainable village atmosphere and will coincide with the next round of global climate talks in Mexico. The camp’s finale will be a creative and bold peaceful mass action at Bayswater.

While our politicians fail us, Climate Camp will be creating a vision of real sustainability, real democracy.


Newcastle Climate Action