This is a trial climate working group bulletin! It could be a good way to keep touch with what’s happening across the counry, etc, every fortnight? And people could send me things they want to include. Could include news, maybe people want to share stories about direct action, or just little climate-related bits you stumble upon every now and then. So,


What an exciting month!! In the first week of November, there were direct actions at coal-fired power stations in 4 states – see here for some media links.

There was also Walk Against Warming, that was pretty good.
And in NSW on November 22nd there was a community vigil/protest at Eraring Power Station

December is another huge month – UN Climate Negotiations will be running in Poland from 1-12 December. There will be an international day of action on 6 Dec, look out for action details in your state.
The government’s “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper” will also be released early December. We’re expecting low, weak targets and free permits to heavy greenhouse polluters – step-in to your MPs office to respond!


Our little bitty of the ASEN website is looking a bit bare. I am really bad at this sort of stuff. We do so much amazing stuff though, it could be really excellent!! Does anyone want to take on collating info, layout, or just lend a hand? Please send me an email 🙂

Training Camp

ASEN Training Camp 09 will focus on campaign strategy, this is especially relevant and exciting for the climate working group! Please see the draft TC Program attached, plus the campaign strategy development proces. Yahoo.

SoS Reportback

Sorry for the massive lag, but – this is an update from the Climate Working Group Meeting we had on the last day of SoS. Thanks to everyone who came!! Considering it was the bottom end of SoS, we still managed to get through a lot. And welcome to newcomers to the list!

For the next 6 months, we prioritised:
– Non-Violent Direct Action
– Ongoing Coal Campaigning
– Climate Emergency Messaging

There was a proposal for a restructure of the working group which wasn’t passed. Until it is revised at Training Camp next year, we will operate with some state contacts and retain a national contact.

NSW – Laura – lalalaura [at]
Qld – Ellie – eleanor.anne [at]
WA – Lian – dinclair01 [at]
Other – Tessa – tessa.dowdell [at]

Also, *burnout* was a big issue, particularly around Fossil Fools Day. Stopping climate change and taking don the coal industry are long term goals. No one day of action is going to win this campaign, rather a sustained combination of many tactics. Keeping long term visions in mind, let’s try to stay grounded, look after ourselves, learn our linits, look after each other and have fun!!

Please see SoS 08 Climate Working Group Minutes, and some notes from the Sydney Fossil Fools Day 08 Debrief.

Australia’s Climate Action Summit

This will be a week after Training Camp finishes, also in Canberra. 2009 is such a critical year for climate campaigning, let’s kick it off with a bang, kapoww! There will be a grasroots strategy summit, and also a day of action. Click here for more details.

Looking for something to do over summer? Get involved in the organising team!! You can email me…

And that is all for the first cleanenergyoncampus bulletin. Sorry it was such an information overload! There was a bit of backlog. So please send feedback on whether you think these would be useful every fortnight, or send through bits and bobs that you would like to be included to me with “Climate Bulletin [date]” in the subject header.

Glorious!! Hope you are all wonderful, and have had darling years, and kicked uni in the guts.

Lots and lots of love,
Tessa xoxoxo
0424 808 639