At the last SEAN Gig in December we brainstormed some things the network might want to be involve in:

Step ins to politicians offices to step up on climate change
National Climate Action Summit
Flotilla – bring floaties! Newcastle coal ship blockade 21st March
The Students of Sustainability Conference
Monthly sit-ins, rallies as part of a national climate action strategy
Supporting the Lake Cowal campaign and convergence
Supporting Sovereignty Day at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy
More Direct Action!
Coal actions – mining, black wallabies (aluminium and cement equal 40% Hunter energy use)
Supporting community actions and strengthening these connections
Engaging with professionals and unions
Education campaigns around NGO campaigns we find problematic
Linking with communities fighting prospective coal mines, eg. Gunnedah – potential SEAN gig
Training on mobilization
Learning from SHACtivists about their campaign and work with unions
Union liason and talking to Non Government Organisations
AMFU green network