Summer Skillshare @ Goongerah Campground Friday 9th – 11th January 2009!

East Gippsland forests need you this summer…
The Valley of the Giants is being logged into oblivion. We need all tree huggers to come to the forest, see for yourself and take action. The Valley of the Giants at Brown Mountain in East Gippsland is part of the last 8% of old growth forest that remains in Victoria. During the last state election, the Labor government promised to “immediately protect remaining significant stands of old-growth forest…” It’s being clearfell logged for woodchips right now. Mountain Ash in Yalmy is scheduled, and Goolengook is still not protected! NGOs are in negotiations with government to hold to their promise and protect the last of our old growth forest. In the meantime, the logging continues …

Arrive on Friday for a weekend of
Practical workshops: climbing, rigging, knot-tying, legals, and more

Guided walks and activities: see some of East Gippslands finest old growth and high conservation forest, scheduled to be logged this summer; plus surveying, hair-tubing, and fauna callbacks at night

Talks and discussion: updates on what’s happening in the lobbying world, history of campaigning and wins in Victoria, the ecology of East Gippsland, what we can do in the bush and city

Stick around if you can for actions and more.

For more info or if ya wanna help out: email or call 03 9419 8700
Check out and look for skillshare

Check out the flyer, post it up in your area or campus.