The point is, we would really like your contributions to the next issue of Germinate. ASEN’s bi-annual super rad ‘zine. – Check out – -for more info

The theme is CULTURE and we’ve been thinking about this in terms of ASEN’s culture, activist culture, punk culture, vegan culture, ethnic cultures, safer spaces culture, cultural appropriation, etc. etc. etc.. We don’t want to be heaps strict on the theme but are just putting it out there to get your imaginations going!

Just as a guide, writings can be as long as a haiku or an essay, or a max of 800 words. Either way, get in touch with us if you have an idea and we can help you with it. Even if you don’t want to write, we’re keen to see lots of collaborative things happening so we’ll hook youse up with other people interested in similar issues. Likewise, if you want to write but don’t have ideas, talk to us and we can give you a topic.

Submissions can be articles, pictures, artwork, poetry, short stories, mind maps, essays, quizzes, crosswords, flow charts – critical, fun, accessible, controversial, piss taking, beautiful, extravagant, radical, seductive, analytical, lyrical, etc..

Talk to us SOON. The deadline for drafts is 10 May. So that’s 9 weeks away, kids!

Rad love from the Perth Germs..

Nette-spag, Face, Sync & Fagtron
(Jeanette, Grace, Lian & Ben)

Email the Germs at libertario_lucha [at]

Jeanette De Foe
Phone: 0422 222 880