***cue beat boxing***
Listen up maggots, we’re the germs from perth
tryna get a message to the centre of your head

We’re here cos we care bout the way the world is
killing all the awesome things quicker than a blink
And the social conditions that created all this shit
Domination, oppression are only part of it
There are so many issues to fight against
too big for just a few of us so we gotta grow
our power. We’ve gotta Germinate.
Germinate our power, Germinate ourselves
Nothing’s gonna stop us cos we’re gonna make change.

Just imagine this – it’s a big rad zine
And you should contribute caused we’ve all been
Thinkin bout a bunch of stuff bout the way we work
Activist culture sometimes hurts
your head, your heart, the way you live your life..
Criticising everything can cause a bit of strife.

We wanna know what’s going on, deep inside your head
Write it down and send it through to the Germinate crew
We wanna figure out what’s deep inside your heart
So let’s collaborate, let’s germinate, create and cooperate
So um yeah if you could write something that’d be like heaps good.
Send to libetario_lucha [at] riseup.net