Hey You!¬† Remember us? –

We are the Germs, editors of Germinate! – asen.org.aucategory/publications/germinate-publications/

Hope you all have had a good enough chance to read and digest¬† the winter edition by now…. cause it is time to start thinking about the 2011 summer edition. Thats right, we are cranking our rusty wheels back into action and calling out to all you aspiring writers, critics, artists and fabulous creators out there to get you insightful, political, creative and provoking material to us so we can make the next edition brighter, stronger, and more fabulous than ever! – send em in to dsinclair01@gmail.com

Three things we would like to let all you fabulous people know about:

Firstly, all articles for the winter edition of germinate 2010 are now online and open for comments – so head on over to https://asen.org.aucategory/publications/germinate-publications/ and share your thoughts.

Secondly, the Germinate collective has gotten smaller and we have less capacity to make a fabulous edition than we did last semester. We are looking either for someone or two to join our collective and help out, or a few people to take on small, easy to manage tasks that will help germinate happen in all its glory. Some things we need help with are: Fundraising (could be asking student unions / enviro collectives / rich friends to donate or organising a fundraiser event), Editing (someone with great english skills would be helpfull), Lay out and graphic design (fun + easier than it sounds), Chasing up people to write articles/ make content, Someone to design a rocking front cover, back cover or both, printing (someone in sydney would be great), and distro (someone going to training camp would be awesome)… if any of these things sound like something you would like to take on, send me an email lian@riseup.net or give me a call 0421132044.

Finally, as always we need your creative content. Germinate is your publication, so lets make it fantabulous. In the next edition we would especially like to see any responses, clarifications or critiques of any material we printed in the winter edition. Especially looking for original artwork, poetry, short stories, news, opinions, polemics, crosswords, cartoons and anything in between. Also keep an eye out for articles appearing elsewhere that would be good to include in Germinate. If your thinking of submitting something please let us know by November 10.

Feel like you don’t really know what to write? Well, attached are a few questions we would like to see addressed in the summer edition…