The Australian Student Environment Network joins hundreds of community climate change groups and environment NGOs in rejecting Rudd’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS).

Last week, Kevin Rudd officially lost the support of the Australian climate movement as over 150 groups and up to 2,500 people called for his flagship climate policy, the CPRS, to be scrapped at Australia’s Climate Action Summit.

“Rudd’s CPRS will reward polluting industries, disempower Australian communities and do nothing to solve the climate crisis,” says Steve Skitmore from the Australia Student Environment Network

“We want a safe climate, yet Kevin Rudd and state Labor Premiers are rewarding and expanding the polluting coal industry. If the Rudd Government won’t create a just transition away from coal, Australian communities will, through creative local action and mass civil disobedience.”

“Green jobs need to be rapidly created for workers in the coal industry to ensure a just transition and viable future for communities that currently rely on income from polluting industries,” says Steve Skitmore

“Labor’s economic stimulus package could have been usd to create jobs in clean and safe industries and ensure the long term viability of communities, however the ball was dropped and all we are seeing is more of the same.”

“Rudd’s proposed CPRS will hand $4 billion to coal fired power plants, an industry that already receives billions in Federal subsidies every year. It is absurd and unjust to reward big business who got us into this mess,” says Steve Skitmore

“Last week, a diverse and empowered community climate movement united against false market solutions and handouts for polluters; and demanded greater community participation and control of solutions to the climate crisis.”

“This weekend we have seen Australia’s worst natural disaster, in part fueled by climate change. When will action be taken to stop these tragedies?”

Over 2,500 encircled Parliament House last Tuesday before its opening session for 2009. This action symbolised the loss of Rudd’s legitimacy to lead on climate change. Kevin Rudd has failed us and we must hold him accountable,” says Steve Skitmore

The Australian Student Environment Network is joining hundreds of community climate groups and NGOs to demand all political parties oppose the introduction CPRS and encourage all communities to implement just solutions for a safe climate future.

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