Friends of the Earth Sydney collective put this 16-page booklet together as a resource for climate justice action – for people organising in their communities and in their workplaces.

Download the Climate Justice Kit here.

Right now, all eyes are on climate change stories – whether it’s the upcoming international talks at Copenhagen, or the new coal-fired power stations being proposed to meet Sydney’s future energy consumption. But we don’t always look at what debates over ‘parts per million’ and emissions trading mean in human terms: who will pay, whose land is being mined or covered with private plantations, and whether ‘green’ industries are creating jobs where workers have a real voice in their workplaces.

We think climate justice is about which solutions to the climate crisis we campaign for, and how we campaign for them. This Climate Justice Kit includes short stories from across the world of communities that are fighting for clean air and secure livelihoods in the face of big polluters and offset entrepreneurs; as well as some key facts, like who is going to bear the heaviest burdens of climate change.

You can download the Climate Justice Kit here:

Regardless of what businessmen and politicians do in Copenhagen (or any other capital cities), people across the globe will keep fighting for real solutions. We hope some of our ideas for action will be a useful contribution to that struggle in Australia.

If you’d like printed copies mailed to you, let know how many you want, your name and address.

If you have comments or questions, are keen to do a workshop or an action with us, we’d love to hear from you!