The ‘Camp for Climate Action’ 2010 with Rising Tide Newcastle and Friends of the Earth (FoE) Sydney are hosting two upcoming Non-violent Direct Action (NVDA) skillshares:

SYDNEY – Saturday 22nd May 10.30 – 4.30
NEWCASTLE – Sunday 23rd May 10.30 – 4.30

Or, let us know your interest for future workshops. We hope to hold them regularly in the lead up to Climate Camp at Bayswater Power Station, Dec 1st – 5th.

RSVP to or 0434641662

in Newcastle – at ‘The Loft’ 1, 7A Wolfe Street in the Newcastle Mall
in Sydney – at 19 Eve Street Erskineville

Who should come?
We need a diversity of people from all backgrounds to convince Government’s to take necessary action on climate change. We need you. If NVDA is something you wouldn’t usually consider appropriate for you, then you’re especially the type we need!

If you’re already involved it’s still a good thing to come to a workshop to deepen your understanding and preparedness and to share your experiences and thoughts.

What will happen at the workshop?
Through facilitated discussion, small group work and some games and activities we’ll together learn more about how and why to take non-violent direct action.

– philosophy and various perspectives of non-violence
– historical success of NVDA
– an overview of the up-coming ‘Camp for Climate Action’ and ‘affinity
group’ organising
– legal implications of engaging in NVDA
– quick decision making
– do’s and don’ts
– getting ready to take direct action – what do you need, identifying and
overcoming your fear
– next steps – how can we build the movement?

– lunch and snacks provided by donation*

Why get involved in climate NVDA?
The message from scientists about the seriousness and urgency of the climate crisis could not be more clear and unequivocal. It’s terrifying. Yet State and Federal Government’s approve more coal mines, power stations and export facilities, as well as oil and gas extraction projects, freeways and forest destruction. Powerful vested interests continue to exert much more influence over Government decisions than community pressure or the urgency of the scientific reality.

Time to turn the climate crisis around is slipping through our fingers. It’s obvious that petitions, rallies and even the most logical arguments are not enough to change the Government’s position when it comes to short term profit versus medium and long term social, ecological and economic sustainability. The NSW Government recently approved plans to build two new coal or gas fired power stations which would increase the state’s emissions by up to 15%. Plans are afoot to triple coal exports from the state, while we already export more emissions through our coal than all our domestic emissions from every source combined.

All around the world recent years have seen a burgeoning and fast growing movement of non-violent direct action on climate change. These actions have been sharpening the debate and bringing the urgency of the situation to light. They demonstrate a response that is somehow commensurate to the crisis. ‘So perhaps this is really serious?’ punters may think when watching the 6 0’clock news. Business as usual is interrupted, commentators speculate that civil unrest is brewing, and politicians are forced to take notice.

This movement needs to grow on an unprecedented scale. We need you to be one more helping that to happen.

What is ‘Camp for Climate Action’?
‘Climate Camp’ is a non-violent direct action camp to be held, December 1st – 5th, at Lake Liddell Recreation Area near Bayswater Power Station, Muswellbrook, the Hunter Valley.

Bayswater is the site of one of the planned new coal-fired power stations – ‘Bayswater B’ – and is the equal largest source of emissions in Australia. Over 120 countries in the world emit less CO2 than Bayswater. The planned expansion would double Bayswater’s current emissions.

As in previous years, the camp will be fun and family-friendly with a sustainable village atmosphere. There will be a program on climate change issues and solutions, non-violent direct action and organising, and music and entertainment. The finale will be a creative and bold peaceful mass action aimed at shutting down Bayswater Power Station for the day.

It’s a community event, and local groups will be organising ‘Neighbourhoods’ from their areas – so get in touch, or come to an NVDA workshop to get involved. The next big organising meeting is Saturday 5th June, 2-5.
* Fruit and energy snacks and a simple vegetarian lunch will be available.
$5 suggested donation for food.
* A couple of extra dollars if you can in Newcastle for the venue