Training Camp is the 20th to the 25th at Caloola Farm near Canberra, then we are planning to go to the Tent Embassy on the 26th.

Some of the awesome things happening are:

* Meeting amazing crew from around the country

* Learning how ASEN can be an integral & useful part of creating the world we want to live in.

* Developing essential activist skills

* Sharing your own knowledge & experiences with others

* Planning some wicked campaigns for the year, and

* having fun!

Important information on

– Venue

– Transport

– Stuff to bring

– Things you’ll get at camp


We’re heading to Caloola Farm – an old sheep station amongst some hills on the out skirts of Canberra near Tharwa. It has a main centre/hall type space with lots of bunk rooms along 2 walls and an industrial kitchen to make yumo vegan food. There are a few other house/cottages around the place that we’ll be using too.

It’s a school camp type place with there’s loads of space, some horses in the back paddock, a basketball court and a volley ball net.

We’ll be heading to the Tent Embassy to participate in the March for Sovereignty on the 26th – in the past we have camped at the Embassy on the 25th & 26th and this year we’re still chatting to mob about the possibility of that – we’ll keep you posted.


If you haven’t worked out how to get from your place to Canberra email/call:

Mim – 0415 529 342 (NSW)

For other states please get in contact with your state network organisers, who may be organising a way down or up to Canberra.

STUFF To Bring

– Sleeping bag,

– Sleeping mat for the first night (let us know if you need to borrow one and we can try to find one)

– Tent – if you need a tent or a space in one let us know (info@localhost/

– Clothes for warm weather in the day time and cool weather in the evening

– Personal stuff

– Notebook & Pen

– A tea towel to help us clean up

– Stuff for performance/party night – costumes, musical instruments, skills, ideas , fun things etc.

– Personal snacks if you need em 🙂

Things you’ll get when you arrive at camp

An ASEN Camp reader with

– some handy info about the camp,

– a program for the week,

– some interesting articles

– handy resources for your exciting activist year

You’ll be asked to sign up for some vollie shifts in the kitchen, time keepers and ideally some cleaning, please help us out with making the camp run smoothly and sign up for at least one shift.

Contact Celia for more info on celia@localhost/