The Renewables On Campus (ROC) crew set ourselves ambitious targets at ASEN training camp in January – by the end of the year we’re aiming to have every ASEN-affiliated campus commit to sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2015.

Collectives continent-wide are working independent of each other to make the switch to renewable energy on their campus. And they’re achieving some mad cool outcomes.
From Monash to Warnambool, Queensland to South Australia, we’re getting results. And given that universities are such huge consumers (Monash Uni is one of Australia’s largest polluters), these campaigns are incredibly influential.

I’m heaps excited by the renewables reportcard – it will grade and rank the universities according to their promises to cut emissions (and their follow-through). We’ve learnt from experience that universities – especially the big ones – have vulnerable egos, and we’re hoping to capitalise on that. We’ve made contact with Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) and the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), and hope to work with them on this project.

If you’re super keen to get involved in this rocking campaign, contact Loki on 0425 773 564 or Sally on 0437 628 569, or send an email to the ASEN climate e-list <>


The ASEN ROC working group is contributing to the work of collectives in three main ways:
co-ordinating conversations and skillsharing across Australia;
developing the renewables resource pack, a reader chocked full of campaign strategy, success stories and resources;
third, by resurrecting the dormant ‘renewables reportcard’ idea.