I’ve put together this finance update for SEAN (the NSW student enviro network) to cover the first half of this year. If you have any questions, please email me.

Our opening balance was $4161.08. Our current balance is $4129.64. This means so far we’re down $31.44. We also have some expected income/expenditure which might change this.

Item Income Expenditure
Rego and transport fees $11169
ASEN membership fees $120 -$120
SOS rego -$3380
Train tickets -$7590
Bus -$1000
Bus food -$300
Train food -$50
Indigenous elders’ travel costs -$100
Ann-Marie UTS donation $150
ASEN dinners donations x2, film nights x3 $445.50
Selling bikes $250 -$60.40
SUBTOTAL $189.60
SEAN gig donations for food $167
SEAN gig food -$365.35
Renewables training food -$112.25
ASEN training grant $997.95
Trainer fees -$50
SUBTOTAL $637.35
Rivers SOS membership -$20
Replacement welder for Holly -$182.99
Interest $0.10
SUBTOTAL -$202.89
$13299.55 -$13330.99

This isn’t the whole story, because there are some sources of income and expenditure we’re expecting: at least $2000 in registration and transport payments, plus between $0 and $3900 in donations from collectives. Also, we spent slightly more than we budgeted on food ($312 instead of $300), and more on petrol than we expected ($1200 instead of $1000). We also hadn’t budgeted to pay for the bus driver’s rego, which we did pay ($120). Updates will be posted as SEAN meetings confirm whether we are indeed receiving/spending this money.