The first SEAN gig of the year is going to take place on the weekend of week 3 (19th-21st March) at a beach house in Wombarra (Just north of Wollongong, accessible by cityrail network).

Transport: meet at Central of 4pm on Friday (19th March) afternoon, underneath the big clock that hangs inside the main hall of Central station (upper level) , in order to catch the 4.27pm train, to get to Wombarra at 6.09pm. People coming down on the Saturday (20th March) morning should meet at the same place at 8.15am, to get the 8.40am train from Central, to get to Wombarra at 9.58pm.

The focus of the SEAN gig will be on skilling-up brand new collective members in stuff like facilitation, collective organising, consensus, theories of change etc, refreshing and reviewing this stuff for older members, giving people the opportunity to develop their workshop facilitation skills, and giving collectives the time and resources to strategise for the coming year!

There is also a beach! There is also a large large area of grass big enough for ultimate frisbee!

This is a great opportunity for us to get together as a network, share the things we know and the skills we have, and avoid as much wheel reinvention as possible!

Accommodation: there are some beds in the beach house, but not enough to go round. Instead, it would be great if everyone could organise tents, sleeping bags and mats etc. There is A LOT of space out the back for camping.

Getting there: We will have meeting points in Sydney and specific trains that people will be catching both on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Watch this space for more details. The plan so far is that we will set up and have informal chats on Friday night, so people arriving Saturday won’t miss out on anything.

People from outside the Sydney and Wollongong area who are interested in coming along (do come!) can be offered transport subsidies.

In the mean time, we need volunteers to run workshops! We would love to match up more experienced workshop facilitators with those who are still a bit nervous (or have never done it before!). There are workshop plans that ASEN has put together like: theories of change, building and maintaining collectives, facilitation and consensus, non violent direct action but feel free to put together your own workshop! Let us know if you are keen and we will put you on the program.

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It’s crucial we know how many people are coming so we can organise food and enough room for you all.

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Hope to see you all there!

Aimee Bull-McMahon 0407204973

Chris Moore 042252159

James Curtin 0400372889