So, this last weekend saw the second SEAN weekend of 2009 bring together a bunch of SEAN folk from different collectives to camp at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Dharawal land in Wollongong. We set up on Friday and spent the weekend cooking deliciousness on a fire, going for chilly swims at the beach and watching a pretty brilliant moonrise over the ocean. Oh and we also chatted and did some workshops and had a SEAN meeting over breakfast and stuff.

On Friday we heard from Uncle Dootch about the campaign to save the land and indigenous burial site from Stockland- developer of ugly beachfront houses. On Saturday we did a Non-Violent Direct Action workshop, talked about affinity groups and a potential SEAN neighbourhood for Climate Camp 09 and in the afternoon heard from Caroline of Rivers SOS on local coal happenings and government/industry dodginess (see photo). On Sunday we chilled out a bit, had a deep ecology workshop and a SEAN meeting with our breakfast tea.

SEAN crew at Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy- Sept 09

Of which here are the minutes if you wanna read them:

SEAN Minutes Sunday 6th Sept 09

SEAN office phone
– The phone has cost over $500 this year. SEAN people aren’t using it much at all.
– The people who do use it have access to other phones.
– We tried encouraging people to use the space more but it’s tricky with keys and alarm codes so not having a phone probably won’t make a big difference to how much the space is used at the moment.
– CONSENSUS: get rid of the phone.
Action point: Holly to call the phone company and cut phone off.

– We’ve spent around $2500 and fundraised around $500 this year so far. So we’ve been chewing through the money fundraised last year.
– We need to raise them funds to pay the rent and maintain SEAN’s money so they can keep doing stuff!
– Ideas:
>Vegie bbqs at each uni- UNSW did one for climate camp and raised $750. Easy and fun!
>Fundraising dinner like the ASEN one that raises a few thousand, but the money going to SEAN this time.
>Looking into grants like a NSW govt grant- anyone keen to look into this for some easy big money?

– We chatted about different ways in which convening could be done.
– We’ll need new SEAN convenory people for next year, and it’s time to start thinking about it!
– We developed a proposal for convening based around 4 or 5 distinct and smallish roles to be held by people in SEAN for the period of time between SEAN gigs- so three different periods in a year.
Action point: this proposal to be written by jen and gem and sent to the list.
– We’ll have a SEAN meeting at Climate Camp to talk about this further and hear responses from the proposal and interested people.

SEAN neighbourhood for Climate Camp
– Climate Camp is in 5 weeks and the camping will be set up in neighbourhoods, with each neighbourhood having its own kitchen.
– Let’s have a student/SEAN neighbourhood!
– This will need a meeting at which we can talk about creating this neighbourhood and also action ideas and affinity groups.
– Affinity groups could form out of this meeting and get to work with some action plans.
Action point: call out for a meeting on TUESDAY 15th Sept at the Workshop from 7pm to chat and plan for SEAN neighbourhood and affinity groups

Next SEAN weekend
– Usually is after end of semester exams so late November or early December.
– There are lots of other things happening around this time like the Just Transitions Bus Tour (late November), Rivers SOS quarterly meeting somewhere, possibly Caruna (Liverpool Plains, north west NSW).
– Perhaps we can link in with something else that is happening?
Action point: Ann-Marie to talk to Just Transitions Tour Organisers
Action point: Holly to talk to QEAN people about getting together at Caruna or elsewhere in northern NSW
– Random thought: we can have a camp in Leichardt Council if we want!

National Council
– On Tuesday 8th September at 6pm.
– People can call in from wherever or join Gem at UTS Students Association to dial in and report back from collectives and any other goings on in the state.
– Update: done now. Was great!

Joining Rivers SOS
SEAN people have gone to two Rivers SOS quarterly meetings this year and Ann-Marie is now their Treasurer!
– We already consider ourselves to be part of Rivers SOS so let’s join (we think it’s something like $20 for a group to join).
Action points: Ann-Marie to join us up! Gem can transfer money for it.

That’s all! Thanks for listening!