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“Switch off Hazelwood. Switch off Coal. Switch on Renewables” is a day of fun, creative and inspiring direct community action at Hazelwood coal power station. This march and protest at the front gates of the Hazelwood Power Station, is organised by community members who care about climate change – and are willing to take peaceful community action.

Coal burning power stations are one of the main contributers to climate change, and Hazelwood is one of the dirtiest in the industrialised world.

From 11am on Sunday September 13, 2009 we will March to the front gates of the Hazelwood Coal station. Rallying at the front gates to ‘Switch on Renewables and Switch off Coal.’

You do not need to be in an arrestable position to play a vital role in this community protest and mass civil disobedience!

We need everyone who cares about climate change to come for this day of community action and make it clear we want to ‘Switch on Renewables and Switch off Coal.’

Hazelwood coal power station is one of the dirtiest coal stations in the industrialised world, spewing an average of 17 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.

Hazelwood was scheduled to be shut down this year, however it was given a life-line by the ALP state government in 2005 allowing it to continue operation until 2031. We need to remove that lifeline and instead support renewable energy, extending the life line to our planet.

This polluter of the past has to be switched off to allow us to switch on the renewable energy which will power our future.

We are all affected by climate change and it is time for us to remove the social licence for a polluting dinosaur like Hazelwood to go on causing climate change.

Join us for a peaceful day of community protest and mass civil disobedience. Be creative, be inspired and be there!

This is a community organised event, so the more people who take part, the more diverse and successful the action will be.

“Switch off Hazelwood. Switch on Renewables” is part of the campaign for a just transition away from coal, towards clean renewable energy jobs in the Latrobe Valley, and Australia.

Clean energy jobs are the way of the future. The Latrobe Valley can be transformed into a strong, diverse clean energy manufacturing hub and move beyond coal.

Come along and get involved with organising the event -paint a banner, bring your friends, help raise awareness- come to an activist skillshare session- but most importantly come along on the day, for the first mass civil disobedience at the Hazelwood coal power station on