Hello friends, co-conspirators, companions, and people everywhere,

As activists we all need mad skills to rock the shaky foundations of oppression and destruction. The West Australian Student Environment Network (WASEN) has been involved in skilling up the activist community, students, youngsters and older cats alike, in WA for a while now.

Join us in May for our latest foray into the depths of radical activist education because we are all educators and we are all learning. This, on the surface is a series of 7 workshops, over 4 consecutive weekends. However dig a little deeper and you will find that it is part of a lifelong exploration into how we learn, how we learn to learn and how we learn to educate.

Topics include Scamming the System that Scams you, Direct Action, Bike Maintenance, Climate Change for Activists, Sustainable Activism and Collective Organising. The venue changes every week so that we will be close to you some time! See the flyer attached email WestASEN@gmail.com or call Dom:   0415 258 301   for more info!Web: www.asen.org.austates/wasen

Sunday May 17
Location: Earth Wise Subiaco 315-317 Baggot Road
Workshops and times:
10-12: Theories of Change
2-5: Animal Rights and Feminism Presented by ARA (Animal Rights Australia)

Sunday May 24
Location: Notre Dame Prindiville Hall Mouat St Fremantle
Workshops and times:
10-12: Climate Change Crash Course
1-3: Direct Action

Saturday May 30
Location:UWA or Murdoch or Charlies Gally TBA
Workshops and times:
10-12: Personal Change and Sustainable Activism
1-3: Scamming the System that scams you!

Sunday June 7
Location: Charlie’s Gally 458 Charles St North Perth
Workshops and times:
10-11: Bike Workshop
11:30-1: Direct Action and Social Movement                                                                                                                                                    1-3: Collective Organising and Facilitation