Australia is still ignoring the 2.5 million jobs that could be created in green industries as Xstrata and Alcoa announced massive jobs cuts yesterday. Meanwhile climate scientist at an international conference in Copenhagen warn that the climate is warming faster than anticipated.

A report by CSIRO indicated 2.5 million green jobs could be created by 2025 in Australia if we adopt ambitious emission reduction targets.

“Rudd’s neo-liberal Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will not work. It will fail to protect Australia from climate change and it will fail to protect jobs, workers and communities” says Shani Tager.

“With coal companies now cutting jobs, Australia should be looking to realise the potential of our renewable industries to create jobs whilst restoring a safe climate” says Shani Tager.

A report by the Australian Conservation Foundation and The Australian Council of Trade Unions released last October demonstrated that 500,000 jobs can be created in renewable energy generation alone with US$25-50 billion annual investment by 2030.

Globally the renewable energy industry is set to generate US$1 trillion by 2030.

“While Xstrata’s announcement, which included closing 4 coal mines in NSW, is fortunate for the climate, we need a just transition that supports workers while phasing out emissions intensive industries” says Shani Tager.

Places like the Hunter Valley in NSW or the La Trobe Valley in Victoria become centres for green industry.

As Rudd sacrifices the climate and Xstrata abandons it’s workers, concerned communities, green groups and unions from around Australia are campaigning for a just and safe future for all.

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